7th Sea 2e Wiki

This sorcery is commonly found in Anatol Ayh of the Crescent Empire, though any practicing Dinist may become an Alharis (practictioner of this art. literally translates as "Guardian" or "Sentry."

This power is gained through contemplation and connection to the creations of Al-Musawwir, as the Dinist refer to Theus. By contemplating the wonders of creation and creating your own masterpiece, your own Wonder, you gain a connection to miraculous powers. The Miracles gained through this enlightened understanding involve healing, purification, and also telekinetic control of your own Wonders.

As you progress in your understanding of Creation, you choose a path for your Wonder, developing the Wonder's power in a single Path that demonstrates your faith in Al-Musawwir and the 2nd Prophet's teachings. Separate Wonders may be made to develop in a different Path.

Paths include:

  • Devout
  • Humble
  • Just
  • Merciful
  • Pariah
  • Righteous
  • True