Glamour is the native sorcery of the United Kingdom of Avalon. Isinmore, the Highland Marches and Avalon itself are blessed with this power. Like the magics of Ussura and the Sarmatian Commonwealth, it is granted to humans by an outside source, in this case by the Sidhe, supernatural beings who possess the power to tap into the power of legends, dreams and stories. Glamour is the power to take on the awesome abilities of legends: to catch arrows in mid-flight, to vanish from seekers' sight, to regenerate your wounds, to gain extraordinary luck, to sense and block sorcery, etc. The Sidhe may gift any with Glamours (temporary or permanent) to repay debts or on a whim or as gifts to part human descendants. But the greatest manifestations of Glamour among humans are the Knights of Avalon, those who find themselves granted the mantle of power of the twelve greatest heroes of the Galmour Isles. No one Sidhe noble grants these mantles, but the Graal itself.

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