Khahesh-Ahura is the national sorcery of Persis in the Crescent Empire. Originally linked to the religion of Ahurayasna, this is the art of linking to one of the 12 primary Ahuras, or nature spirits and angels of Ahurayasna. One does not have to be a practicing Ahurayasnan, but must at least have Yasnavan blood in your ancestry to perform the rituals to first summon the power of an Ahura. Once summoned, the power manifests as a pair of wings and it is up to the Khahesh how to use the power. While the Ahura empower this sorcery, they do not generally follow up on the uses the power gets put to. The Khahesh sorcerer can only ever gain a connection to a single Ahura and this connection does not change. The patron Ahura determines the appearance of the sorcery's wings and a unique legacy of power that the Khahesh may access.

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