Sanderis literally translates into "the Bargain" in the old Curonian language. This is the native Sorcery of the Sarmatian Commonwealth. Like the magic used in Ussura and Avalon, it is power granted by supernatural beings to humans. In Sanderis, the sorcerer, or Losejas, makes a bargain with a Dievas, a spirit linked to various elements of knowledge and nature. These spirits are bound by their promises and the sorcerers act as their jailers. By binding a dievas to himself, a Losejas can contain its power, keep it from going out of control in the human world. The Dievas must grant its power to its Losejas, but seeks to drive him or her to corruption. It is a partnership of mutual destruction. Each deal the sorcerer makes, that is each new facet of power she unlocks makes both the sorcerer and the Dievas stronger. But should a 7th deal be reached, granting the sorcerer knowledge of the Dievas' full name, no one knows what will happen. Some say one or both of the 'partnership' of Dievas and sorcerer will die. Some say they will merge and become one. Some say the Dievas would gain freedom and a true physical body, and the mortality that comes with it.

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