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History and Culture[]




The Vaticine Church and Curonian Paganism uneasily coexist as the Commonwealth's two main religions. The Vaticine Church is more dominant in Rzeczpospolita, while Curonian Paganism is in Curonia.

Government and Military[]

The King of the Commonwealth, currently Stanisław I, is elected by the Sejm for life, and his power is limited by the Walezy Articles. The Sejm, the parliament of the Commonwealth, is composed of two bodies; the Senat ("Senate"), consisting of the sixteen most powerful nobles in the Commonwealth; and the Izba Poselska ("Chamber of Deputies"), consisting of the Commonwealth's lesser nobility, which currently includes all Commonwealth citizens.

The Commonwealth's military is mostly a volunteer force, and is currently the largest standing army in Théah. The most iconic element of the Commonwealth's are the husaria ("Winged Hussars") regiments, the most elite cavalry units in Théah. The Commonwealth is not a maritime power, and it's navy is small and not particularly threatening.

Political Relations[]