7th Sea 2e Wiki

Sorte, also know as Fate Magic, is the hereditary Sorcery of the Vodacce nobility, and the rarest form of Sorcery in Theáh. It is only inherited by and accessible to women, and it's practitioners are known as Sorte Strega (plural: Streghe) - Fate Witches. 

Streghe are able to see the strands of fate that link the living to each other, and have the power to pull on those strands. This grants them a number of unique powers they call Tessere (singular Tesse) or Weaves, though using them does not come without a price: meddling with fate gives the Strega "Lashes", marks of fate's displeasure, that may only be removed by paying a price in blood or misfortune.

But there is no denying the power of Fate Witches: they gain prophetic insight and visions of the future, as well as the ability to alter the likelihood of immediate events, bestow blessings and curses, and see the true nature or Arcana of others. They are even able to physically pull on the strands of fate, dragging their victims towards them, or follow a strand to its source to track someone down.

Most Streghe are identified at birth by obvious marks, and treated as nobility regardless of their parents' status. They are trained from an early age; strict Vodacce law prevents them from learning to read and write, in order to better control their powers. Those born with the gift of Sorte who are not trained may still find ways to use it, but they find it difficult to control, and often unknowingly incur Fate's wrath.